Myriads Rise EP (2019) captures a variety of harmonic and melodic textures including symmetrical scales, altered modes, and color writing, alongside hard-hitting sound design and ear candy hooks. A mixture of dense orchestrations, technical playing, and solid songwriting make for an exciting listen with new elements emerging each repeat.

Nathan Navarro: Bass, Guitar, Synths, Electronic Elements

Dylan Laine: Voice, Keys, Lyrics

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SOZO EP (2015) is a Rock-Electronic collaboration of epic proportions between Nathan and six of his previous classmates from the Berklee College of Music. During the entirety of the project, all the participants were spread across the Americas, including Texas, California, Tennessee, New York, and Venezuela. This made for a very interesting writing, production, and filming process.  Nathan's technical bass parts and advanced musical concepts are prevalent throughout the seamlessly-flowing concept EP, and are adorned with the talented voices of the full, synergetic lineup of musicians.

Nathan Navarro: Bass, Guitar, Electronic Elements

Dylan Laine: Voice, Piano, Keys, Lyrics

Felix Martin: Guitar

Ian Smith: Guitar

Ana Barreiro: Drums

Lisa Fazenbaker: Drum Sampling

JP Bouvet: Drum video performance

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They Came From The Sky

“They Came From the Sky” is an aural montage of Nathan's early experiments as an organic electronic artist.  As new genres of computer-based music were being born, Nathan searched for ways to recreate their adrenalizing textures without the use of computers.  He felt that the “DJ performance” left much to be desired, and the answer to what was missing was clear… a live, conveying performance by a group of skilled, interactive musicians.


Nathan studied electronic production, and gained understanding of how the textures were being being created electronically.  He then replicated the processes through effects pedals.  Utilizing compression, synth, octave, distortion, modulation, and heavy eq-ing effects pedals, he had a pedalboard to be reckoned with.  All that was left was a way to modulate the tones in real time.  In his search, Nathan stumbled upon a device called the “Hot Hand,” which brought everything to life.

Nathan Navarro: Bass, Voice, Guitar, Electronic Elements

Dylan Laine: Voice, Lyrics

Annie Shred: Voice, Guitar

Mukatu: Chemical Remix


Nathan has worked as a gigging and recording bassist since his teens, when he had his first session gig with Sylvia Massy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash). Since then he has worked with additional multi-platinum producers including Mike Clink (Guns N' Roses, Megadeth), Noel Golden (Matchbox Twenty, Meat Loaf), and Danny Greenspoon (Five-time Juno winner), and a host of other bands, artists, and labels. Nathan has worked as a product demonstrator with Fender, Peavey, Kiesel, Darkglass, Line 6, Eventide, Source Audio, Boss, MXR, Dunlop, and others. If you would like to work with Nathan, send an email to contact@nathannavarro.net. Shown below are some of projects Nathan has played on.


Devin Townsend


Felix Martin

The Scenic Album

Pinn Panelle

Ghosts & Liars


Les "Survivorman" Stroud

Bittern Lake


Daniel Voth


Scale The Summit

In a World of Fear

Devin Townsend

Order Of Magnitude (Live)


New Wilderness




Felix Martin

Live In Boston

The Mandonnas

Live at Monnow Valley Stuido

New releases coming soon!